Ray Hays, President of PRC Digital


Ray Hays,  President

Jacksonville Film Office
Lifetime Achievement Award

In a television career begun in 1969, Ray has had many varied roles.  Producer, Director, and Videographer, are among the ones recognized with four Emmys awarded for broadcast work.  His first job was as a studio cameraman at the age of 15.  He worked in studios and on location as part of a then revolutionary “Mini” mobile unit winning praise from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  He developed skills as a cinematographer filming and editing feature stories, and documentaries.  By the age of 18 he was directing a live nightly broadcast TV show and co-produced a six-part medical series.  In 1973 he was the Senior Director and Field Producer helping to establish the first statewide Public Television network, Florida Public Broadcasting.  He returned to Jacksonville to produce and direct many projects for WJCT.  In 1980 he moved to WJXT to help produce what would become the most successful PM Magazine show in the country.  That show scored higher ratings (40 share), won more national awards, and distributed a higher percentage of national stories than any of the more than 100 stations in the program Co-op.  While at WJXT, Ray’s work garnered two of his four Emmy’s and several other awards.  He worked for CBS Sports and as a contract tape operator before moving into business ownership.

In 1988 he incorporated Producers Resource Center to be just what the name implies; a source of television professionals, production equipment, and expertise, for turning ideas into actions and goals into achievements.  The company has pioneered interactive media since its first effort in 1991 for Barnett Banks.  PRC’s leadership in that area led to renaming the company PRC Digital Media in 1998.  Ray helped pioneer interactive multimedia training with the US Navy and Marine Corps. He has extensive experience with Environmental compliance and Safety training for a variety of industries.  Ray’s knowledge of the media industry and wide experience with corporate and civic leaders has made PRC respectful of the pressures of today’s business environment.  “Every decision we make is based on enhancing the value of our service to our clients”, Ray says.  “We are more interested in having a positive effect on our client’s success than anything else.  That’s why they return again and again.”

Ray is President of the Pagoda SL Group for the classic Mercedes-Benz, Past President of the Downtown Council and served on the Jacksonville Film Commission and as Vice President of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association.  He is a member the Society of Environmental Journalists, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Media Communications Association International, and a Charter member of the Florida Defense Contractors Association.  The City of Jacksonville honored Ray with the Film Industry Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.  He was voted the overall Small Business Leader of the Year for the Chamber of Commerce in 2001.  Ray is a licensed pilot who enjoys restoring and driving classic cars.

Chris Linke, Media Designer / Editor

It takes a creative eye and a craftsman’s skill to maximize the potential of post-production. Chris has the skills in both editing and graphic design to create a blend of images and sound that drives a message like Tiger Woods drives a tee shot. If you want your production to sparkle and to get the desired reaction out of your audience, then Chris is the man to see. His extensive background in video production brings an elegant quality to the production of DVD and CD-ROM titles. Chris has authored scores of interactive titles for companies in manufacturing, service, and software, and for purposes from sales to training.

Chris, our self-described “Pixel Pusher”, came to the PRC Team with award-winning experience. He produced sports programming for WJXT-TV and made documentaries for legal, marketing, and broadcast purposes. His graphic design and animation skills dovetail nicely with his editing skills to create effective visual communication. At PRC his editing skills have helped garner national awards for Documentaries including The Green Monster, The Revenge of the River, and the Emmy-winning Kiss of Life. For digital media design, his credits include the sports page for WJXT-TV, the home sites for Video Law Services, Concepts in Focus, Speakers for Life, and of course PRC. He is personally happiest when making any production better than it was supposed to be. After all that, it hardly needs to be said that he’s smart too. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of North Florida, Chris majored in broadcasting and minored in criminology. Chris was also a sergeant in the U.S. Army, serving first as a watercraft operator, then later as a cargo documentation technician.

When not making digital media and TV, he enjoys a happy life with his wife, Lorena, and children, Christopher and Rigel.